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Website: https://www.legacyfx.by/

Phone: +375291788410

Address:  220089, Dzerzhinsky av., 57,
office 14-1, 3rd floor,
Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Email: [email protected]



Segregation of client funds | 200+ trading instruments | spreads from 0.5 pips

the Brand LegacyFX is an established and trusted broker, providing a wide range of products and services for traders worldwide since 2017.


The company “AN All New Investments BY LLC” (operating under the LegacyFX brand) was registered on 12/14/2018 (UNP 193180778) with Company Registration number 193180778 (Certificate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus No. 17).

The activities of AN All New Investments BY LLC are regulated by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 231 dated June 4, 2015 «On the implementation of activities in the OTC Forex market».

The software passed the compliance test at the NFC, Conclusion No. 26 dated 05/29/2019.


Knowledge is power – with this notion in mind, we established our education center. Our clients can find variety of video lessons, trading platform guiding tutorials and courses, download full eBooks on a wide range of subjects and enrich their knowledge in webinars presented by industry’s experts. On top of that, LegacyFX provide advanced trading tools and analysis and offers daily, weekly and monthly market researches.

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  1. 1
    Richard Cook

    In fact, I have heard only the most positive reviews about LegacyFX. When I tested it myself, I realized that these commentators were clearly paid for by unscrupulous representatives of the office. I threw in 500 bucks, not only did not all the money come (supposedly commissions for input), they also pull the maximum speed from each order, as if they intentionally want to bankrupt us. Nothing of the kind is specified in the agreement, so this is a natural robbery. I do not advise you to stay here.

  2. 2
    Danny Bradley

    Not so long ago I had to part with my intermediary, because he did not care about his customers. LegacyFX attracted me with the stability of the equipment. I first tested the site, everything suited me, so I decided to stay. The cash has already been withdrawn 3 times, the amounts are small, but the broker does not throw money away and you can trust him. They don’t bother with commissions either. The only thing is that they rarely have online support and the site is translated crookedly in some places, but this is not the main thing

  3. 3
    Neil Reed

    those dirty animals robbed me! I hoped to make money quickly, especially since they promised quick profits over the phone, but they didn’t warn me that nothing could be withdrawn from here !! there was no need to throw money at them just for that matter!

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