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  1. 1
    syed shahzaib

    I am shocked why this company have just 2 start. I am using this platform since 2 years and never face any issue. I really love to trade and hold my crypto here securely.

  2. 3
    Saurav Bajracharya

    ABSOLUTE UTTER RUBBISH—– they want you to sign up to get your tax returns has made doing tran history check so difficult made the mistake of not keeping monthly records suffering to get a proper statement…. rubbish through and through

  3. 5
    Sara Manafi

    I feel very distressed and cheated, all because no one took action immediately and practice their duty of care, therefore I only request what I believe to be rightfully mine, as all institutions were more than negligent in handling the complaints. I comprehensively provided explanations and proof to my claim, even so, Binance never acknowledge my complaint; therefore, I have approached you Openware as Binance is your project, and your affiliated company and I would like to receive your assistance on this matter.
    By not answering any of my complaints I am led to believe that Binance is cooperating with the people who scammed me. Because I can’t find any other explanation why your affiliate company wouldn’t provide assistance to a victim of such a hideous crime. Especially since I provided enough evidence proving that my crypto currency ended up on Binance platform with all relevant transaction hashes and wallet addresses.

  4. 7

    Great app and very easy to use. Heres my review:
    For beginners: 10/10
    Futures Trading: 9,5/10
    Spot Trading: 10/10
    Binance Card: 10/10
    Customer Support: i havent used
    Easy to use: 10/10

  5. 8

    I have used Binance for years, Today I had my account Banned/restricted for literally no reason, when I asked support what the issue was I was offered no explanation other than the usual “we can terminate your account at anytime” Seems as if I wasn’t losing money on their platform so they don’t want me to use it. This is just further evidence they are not to be trusted, loyal customer of years and they just do this to me like it’s nothing. STAY AWAY.

  6. 9

    Binance is doing great for my needs. I don’t know why so many bad reviews when its the largest exchange right now. I am using it to invest and receive my profits from LunarYields and its been excellent.

  7. 10
    Diego Developer

    I cant do a simple login in this stupid app, I do not why keep asking me verify my account in my phone when I did 3 times already. Also to mention the worst and cluttered UI that confusing you doing simple tasks

  8. 11

    New customer just trying to give them my hard earned money but both of my uk banks failed with a small trial run. They don’t tell you why or what to do. They lost a lot of business today. Their provider, Skrill, is using a very aggressive NYC algo that needs addressing. had much better service with Kraken. Complete waste of time, which was considerable.

    Update due 1st response from Binance 13/12/2022:
    Ha! Ha! You have to be joking! You have taken a whole month to respond and the best you can do is invite me to repeat an exercise that took two weeks of complete frustration from my end and with no help from your end. As your colleague eventually admitted to me a month ago “I’d have done the same in your position/situation”. I have taken the business elsewhere as I no longer trust your operation nor consider it capable. Goodbye.

  9. 12
    Filipe Filipe

    It has passed 2 weeks since first message. Have talked with more than 15 agents, and no one resolves. Always same auto response!! And this only because of a 3$ voucher that was being ofered for new binance card users. Had sent the links and screenshot many time but no one resolves. I image if it was a problem involving more money it would also never be resolved!!!!!

    case ID is: 97764983

  10. 13
    Owe Halvorsen

    Binance is the biggest scam! That’s why they promote “the biggest wealth transfer in the modern times”. It means they take it from your account to their account!!! You never see the money again! Watch out!!

  11. 14

    Great platform, at first I thought it was complicated to understand looking at the front page alone. I have now mastered my way around and it’s easy to use.

  12. 16

    Withdrawal SMS code not arriving even after 10 attempts. And yes, my number is 100% correct I’ve been using it for years on Binance. ..What a BS platform anyway..

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